Category Young engineer. START level 


Designing and programming a WeDo robot (and analogs) to perform a task on the landfill

You need to know and be able to

  • Creation of a robot structure on assignment;
  • programming movement back and forth in time;
  • programming the movement back and forth before the event on the sensors;
  • application of indication on the robot (sound, color);
  • change in motor power;
  • waiting for events;
  • creation of an interface on a PC;
  • moving objects on the polygon;
  • stop by time, event.

For the dates of this championship

see the calendar.

Who can participate

The recommended age is 7-10 years. The team consists of 1 participant - individual championship.

You'll need

WeDo, WeDo 2.0, Scratch 3.0, or other educational software.
Software download links:

Summing up the results of the Olympiad

Only the best attempt counts.
1st degree diploma - 95-100% of the assignment,
2nd degree diploma - 81 - 94%,
3rd degree diploma - 70 - 80%,
participant certificate - less than 70%.


Getting ready for the Olympics. Practice:

Training task

Competition rules

Before the Olympiad:

  1. Registration (receipt of payment, consent to the processing of personal data);
  2. Receiving confirmation by email of the participant;
  3. Discord - notification;
  4. Discord - admission.

On the day of the Olympiad:

  1. Discord - Category voice channel (gramophone icon). Login from one device (we recommend a smartphone). Dialogue with judges;
  2. Receiving a tsk (Discord chat category);
  3. Implementing the task by time (debugging №1 - 60 min);
  4. Test run No. 1;
  5. Debugging # 2 - 60 min;
  6. Test run No. 2;
  7. Olympiad results (award documents - received by e-mail).

After the Olympiad:

The results of the Olympiad (award documents - received by e-mail) no later than 7 days from the date of the Olympiad.