Category Autonomic robot transport

Content Robot-Rescuer. START level

Create and program a mobile robot to perform a task on a real training ground.
When driving in the field, the robot must be guided by the readings of the sensors.

Required competencies

  • Designing a robotic cart
  • Mounting sensors on the robot
  • Designing the manipulators for gripping and moving objects by a robot
  • Understanding linear algorithm, cyclic algorithm
  • Being able to use sensors to control the robot in the field

Requirements for participants

Recommended age is 8-12 years old. There are 1-2 operators in the team.

Requirements for the robot

Any robotic platform.
Any allowed sensors.
The size of the robot must not exceed the size of the start area. The height of the robot is not limited.

Requirements for the program

Any software can be used.
During the implementation of the task, you cannot use code stubs.

Robotic training ground

The banner 120 * 180 cm is marked with a grid. A field is created on it using the materials at hand: boxes, walls of the "Labyrinth" field, colored electrical tape.

Game elements - beverage cans (0.33 l), disposable cups, tennis balls on a lego plate.
Actions with game elements - shift, transfer, knock down.
Before the attempt some objects on the field change their position.

The size of the field cell depends on the equipment used:
for EV3, Spike, Arduino - 20 * 20 cm,
for TRIK and VEX - 30 * 30 cm.

When using other equipment the size of the field cell is discussed with the category curator.

The line on the field is a marker line. The polygon can be printed or made by yourself by drawing it with a marker.

Field layout


Conventional arrangement of elements

Download the field for print

Summing up the results of the Olympiad

Only the best attempt counts.
1st degree diploma - 95-100% of the assignment,
2nd degree diploma - 81 - 94%,
3rd degree diploma - 70 - 80%,
participant certificate - less than 70%.

Training task

Training task

Competition rules

Before the Olympiad:

  1. Registration (receipt of payment, consent to the processing of personal data);
  2. Receiving confirmation by email of the participant;
  3. Discord - notification;
  4. Discord - admission.

On the day of the Olympiad:

  1. Discord - Category voice channel (gramophone icon). Login from one device (we recommend a smartphone). Dialogue with judges;
  2. Receiving a tsk (Discord chat category);
  3. Implementing the task by time (debugging №1 - 60 min);
  4. Test run No. 1;
  5. Debugging # 2 - 60 min;
  6. Test run No. 2;
  7. Olympiad results (award documents - received by e-mail).

After the Olympiad:

The results of the Olympiad (award documents - received by e-mail) no later than 7 days from the date of the Olympiad.